Addin Menu Like Behaviour on Other Submenus 
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 Addin Menu Like Behaviour on Other Submenus

I have an addin with a variety of entry points that are not builders. I
would prefer to have its menu be a new entry on the main bar with the
entry points as menu picks. (I can get the menu there fine.) The problem
is structuring the action of the menu picks.
1) My fall back position is using one menu pick to add a refence to my
addin to the active database and call the entry points normally. This
works fine but i don't like adding the reference.
2) I've tried dragging up my menu pick from Tools|Add-Ins|my prod using
the menu customize tool. That works fine while the data base is open,
but has all sorts of problems when the database is reoppened. QUESTION
1: What is the magic that makes Tools|Add-Ins|my prod actually work
(beyond the registry entries that is) and can i coopt it in any way when
i build the menu?????
3) I've tried making my addin part of loadonstartup and making the
onaction allowing for late binding."myproduct.entry1")
or"myproduct.entry1",arg1)  One of two things happens.
The menu entries without arguments bounce - ie. they code they call runs
twice!!! The menu entries with arguments get a syntax error that
suggests i need to add some double quotes.  What gives????

It strikes me that solution 2 is by far the best because it does not
require the user to do something that changes his database (adding a
reference) as number 1 does. And does not require loadonstartup as #3
does (loadonstartup having another set of maintenance uglyness all its
own that i'd just as well ignore.

BTW i've studied the registry to determine how the menu bar is stored
and as of now have not figured it out. Hints please???

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Wed, 02 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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