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 Code Module for Deleted Report

I have an odd problem with an Access 2000 database.

To make a copy of a report, I did the following:

1) renamed it to a new name (e.g. Report_Backup)
2) Opened the new report and tried to do a file- Save as,
and save it back to the original name.

It wouldn't let me... To cut to the chase, the code module
for the original report still exists, but there is no
report object displayed in the database window...

I cannot:
1) Name a new report with that name
2) Import that report in from a backup
3) rename a different report to that name
4) decompile the database
5) delete that reports code module

Any ideas on this?  I've search newsgroups and MS KB to no
avail.  Any help appreciated....

Sat, 20 Dec 2003 03:42:30 GMT  
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