get to message properties of certain email message 
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 get to message properties of certain email message

Any help would be very much appreciated:

I have outlook 2000, and would like to do the following:  
I get many emails that have no similarity or anything
like that. some have attachments and some don't.  I would
like a macro button in the message window that shows the
message when it's opened that i can click that will have
access to all the properties of the email including all
the attachments if they exist. i then need to save all
this info (message date, to, from, subject, body,
attachments) into seperate fields of a db. i can figure
all that out, but i could use some help in how to get to
these properties either from a button or by
selecting/highlighting it from the inbox and processing
that way. some code samples would be appreciated.


Sun, 18 Sep 2005 04:47:28 GMT  
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