Changing the linked table path without the linked table manager 
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 Changing the linked table path without the linked table manager

I am trying to programmatically alter the location of my linked files. I
thought that the code below would do the trick, but when I execute it and
then look again at the links using the linked table manager, I see that the
connect property has not changed. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong ?

Sub ChangeListPath()
    Dim Td As TableDef
    For Each Td In CurrentDb.TableDefs    'for each table
        If CurrentDb.TableDefs(Td.Name).Connect <> "" Then    ' if it is a
linked table
            CurrentDb.TableDefs(Td.Name).Connect = ";DATABASE=C:\db2.mdb"
        End If
End Sub

Jan Vereecke

Sun, 06 Jun 2004 00:20:37 GMT  
 Changing the linked table path without the linked table manager
Hi Jan
Two things.
1. Alias your database. Avoids some hassles (some that you're experiencing -
possibly unwittingly) and is good practice. CurrentDB refreshes every object
every time it's called. You need to get a handle on the object - do not get
a new handle each time with "dbCurrent.TableDefs(Td.Name)", or
CurrentDB.TableDefs(Td.Name)", etc

    Dim dbCurrent As Database
    Set dbCurrent = CurrentDB()

2. Modify code as follows (If you already have the handle to Td why not use

    For Each Td In dbCurrent.TableDefs()
        If Td.Connect <> "" Then
            Td.Name.Connect = ";DATABASE=C:\db2.mdb"
            Td.Refresh    ' **    This causes link property to be updated.
        End If
Graeme Richardson
Analyst Programmer
AdeptX Limited

Sun, 06 Jun 2004 02:10:24 GMT  
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