HTML forms, Word, e-mail and mail merge 
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 HTML forms, Word, e-mail and mail merge

Word will not run in a server instance. It need a full user account
with a properly populated hive.

>Hello all,

>I am looking for some assistance with a mail merge, e-mail project I am
>trying to complete.  I have seen many references to what I am trying to
>do but no solutions.  I am hoping that someone here can, or at least
>point me in the right direction.

>I have an HTML form that once completed, will dynamically create a MS
>Word document, attach this Word document to an e-mail and send it.

>I am currently using all Microsoft products (Word, ASP, Windows Server,
>Access).  I have created several components that seem to work separately
>yet once put together... dies.

>Has anyone seen this done?  As mentioned, I have seen many questions
>being asked, but no clear answer.

>Direction, advice, anyting would be greatly appreciated.

>Many thanks in advance,


Steve Hudson

Word Heretic, Sydney, Australia
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Wed, 30 Nov 2005 15:50:23 GMT  
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