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 Db Engineer Addon Args

I am looking for a good source of information regarding
valid arguments for running ..Addon("Db Engineer").Run
("/CMD=2807").  The /CMD=2807 executes Add Existing
Document... in the Database->Project Menu, and needs a
FileName as an argument.  I have tried Addon("Db
Engineer").Run("/CMD=2807 /FILE=SOMEFILE) or Addon("Db
Engineer").Run("/CMD=2807 /FILENAME=SOMEFILE) but neither
work and I have not found ANY good sources of information
on what are valid argument names(for any CMD).  Executing
CMD 2807 will bring up a dialog box that needs some
additional information, which is what I am having trouble
with.  I can run CMD 2801(Database->Project->Build..) w/o
problems, as this does not require any arguments.  Thanks
in advance for any help provided.

Todd Treangen

Wed, 19 Jan 2005 08:34:37 GMT  
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