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 Script works, script don't work

Hi Folks:

I got another bug question. I have a macro which I have been testing/running from the VB Script editor. Today I made a drop down list on my page which, when you exit, runs the macro.

2 questions:

1. I can only get the macro to run when I hit the tab key after making my drop down selection. Is there any way in VBA that I can associate an event handler (like an onClick, onChange, etc.) with that drop down list.

Annnnnddddd...since I am asking - I would ideally rather use some graphical buttons to run the macro - how do you drop an image in your doc and have an event handler associated with? Or is this beyond the scope of word?

The MS Word/VBA help files, though thoroughly documented (describing objects, procedures, methods, etc.) lacks on the tutorial/explanation side. But I digress.

Problemo numero dos:

Part of the forementioned script creates a new doc, dumps some variables into the doc, saves the doc to the server and then closes it. It all worked dandy from the editor but once I associated it with the drop down list it broke:

The newly created doc will not close. I get a Command Failed error when I run the script.

As always, thanks much.


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Mon, 25 Aug 2003 03:29:58 GMT  
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