Creating a queery Ussing VBA and AQL 
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 Creating a queery Ussing VBA and AQL

I have to set-up a database which will pull parts based on model as well as
part option, for my company.  I am a first time user, however have education
with Visual Basic.  I separated the parts by unit ussing a simple select
{*filter*}y, and now I have to eliminate parts which are not included in the
option.  This is the code I am trying to use:

Dim opt1 As String
Dim Option{*filter*}y As QueryDef
Dim Part_Option As String

    Set db = CurrentDb()
    Set Option{*filter*}y = db.CreateQueryDef("DeleteMeIfYouSeeMe")
    Option{*filter*}y.SQL = "SELECT Test.[Part Number], Test.Description,
Test.Material, Test.[Parts/Unit], Test.[Tool Change C2000], Test.[Program
#C2000], Test.[Sheet Length C2000], Test.[Sheet Width C2000],
Test.[Parts/Sheet C2000], Test.[Clamp Location 1 C2000], Test.[Clamp
Location 2  C2000], Test.[Program # New Machine], Test.[Tool Change New
Machine], Test.[Sheet Length New Machine], Test.[Sheet Width  New Machine],
Test.[Parts/Sheet New Machine], Test.[Clamp Location 1 New Machine],
Test.[Clamp Location 2 New Machine], Test.Kanban, Test.[Unit One],
Test.[Unit Two], Test.[Unit Three], Test.[Unit Four] FROM Test"

    Set opt1 = Forms![Hrv600i(6LC)]!option1.Value
    Set Part_Option = Test![1) D - Recirc Defrost].Value

    If Part_Option = "1) D - Recirc Defrost" And opt1 = -1 Then
        WHERE Part_Option = -1
        ORDER BY([Test]![Tool Change C2000], [Test]![Program #C2000])
            Set Part_Option = [Test]![2) E - Exhaust Only]
            If opt1 = "2) E - Exhaust Only" And Part_Option = -1 Then
                WHERE Part_Option = -1
                ORDER BY([Test]![Tool Change C2000], [Test]![Program
                    Set Part_Option = [Isolate Unit]![3) N - Non Defrost]
                    If opt1 = "3) N - Non Defrost" And Part_Option = -1 Then
                    WHERE Part_Option = -1
                    ORDER BY([Test]![Tool Change C2000], [Test]![Program
                    End If
            End If
    End If

It is a three part conditional statement which cycles thru the three
options.  My problem is that it doesn't recognize the test table which is
based off a make table {*filter*}y, and the sql statements aren't working in the
code.  They work in the {*filter*}y builder, but they are unrecognized in module
programing.  Please let me know if this is possible, or is there another way
to do this?

Brad W

Sat, 03 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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