Coding Data Transfer from Access to Excel (Office 95) 
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 Coding Data Transfer from Access to Excel (Office 95)

Using Office 95 - Access and Excel.  I have created an event procedure
linked to a form button in Access which uses the DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet
method to export data from a crosstab query to an Excel Spreadsheet.  This
is working.
However, some of the fields in the Crosstab Query are blank - no data for a
particular pair of column and row headings.  Excel displays these as blank
cells, and counts them as blank using the countblank function.
But when the data is plotted in Excel, these cells plot as zeros even though
in the Tools --> Options --> Chart menu, Plot Empty Cells As is set to Not
Plotted (Interpolate).  Any way to force these cells to be empty or null, in
Access or in Excel, so that the blank cells won't plot?  Grateful for any


Tue, 26 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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