Please Help with file .msg (Outlook file) 
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 Please Help with file .msg (Outlook file)

I posted prior to this message the following:

   I have a problem with msg file. I'm using redepmtion.dll to send emails
in a com add in and the only file format supported is .msg . Well, I
generated the file and it works. The type of file is an html page.

I do a copy and paste into regular word, then send it, then disable word,
then I clicked reply and then I fix it a little bit and then save it as msg.
First, when I send to a yahoo account, The file is like 112K and after the
page, you can see all the pictures attachmeants, in the contrary, If I would
use the word editor (can't save msg files with that), the file is  a lot
smaller and it doesn't send does attachments. I assume that may also be
happening with other email accounts (web account).
Thank you for all your help and Happy Thanksgiving.


I figure that is  very complicated but, please someone, help me . thanks


Thu, 19 May 2005 00:22:56 GMT  
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