Sending reports via MAPI vs via priting 
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 Sending reports via MAPI vs via priting

Hello !

I need to send a report via FAX and i need a feedback on whetever
or not the fax was send successfully or not.

I've developed a system which i currently use, but i've discovered a
It's running on a small network where all machines are running windows 98
the WMS and At-Work-Fax system. One machine has a modem and this
is shared to the other computers.

When I send a report (or whatever, also word document, and anything else),
and I do it by printing directly to "MS Fax" from File/Print. Then I get
the dialog box asking about recepients. I fill out this and when I'm done,
the messages goes from the workstation i'm on, via the machine that has
the modem and out. When I call the recipient and asks about how the
page looks, i always looks perfect. (no error, no only 25% of the page, no
resized format, it works just fine)

But i need to do this from my access application, and i need it all
to be 100 % Automaticly (very important). Therefore I cant do
it the first way, because the dialog-wizard-guide-box pops up,
asking for name, fax number and so on ..

So i do it via SendObject and MAPI.
But, I send a report (or whatever else) via MAPI / Exchange, the
message goes from the workstation I'm on, via the server and goes
out via the modem.
->> BUT : In something like 6 of 10 destinations / customers, the page
actually gets DOWNSIZED to aprox 25% of original size when it reaches the
destination fax. This is spesific to which recipient i send the report to.
Some recipient always get the page as it's supposed to be (100% A4, fine
and some recipients always get the page small, like downsized to aprox. 25%
normal A4 size.

And this is the weird part : If I use the first methode (File / Print ..)
manually writes in the name and fax number and all that, and does this
from the SAME computer, ALL the recipients get perfect reception...ALSO
the recipient who always get downsized reports when I send it via mapi ..

So - WHAT is the differense in sending via MAPI / Exchange and
sending via FILE/Print/MS Fax ...??

You have to excuse me english, but I hope I manages to express this
correctly.. If somethings are "unclear" or you dont understand my
problem, please tell me ..

And more importantly - can anyone explain this to me ???
I've tryed to change setting on the modem (all from AT commands,
sending quality, activation/deactivation of MR compressinon, error
correction and so on) ..

Thanks a lot in advance !!


Stig Atle Sunde

Tue, 20 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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