32 bit version of prnset.dll wanted...please!! 
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 32 bit version of prnset.dll wanted...please!!

Dear Access Gurus:

Version: 2.0
OS: Windows NT

We are currently using a multiuser database developed in version 2.0 on
windows for workgroups 3.11
We use a dll called prnset.dll to set printer options
(papersize,orientation etc) dynamically to the default printer on the
user's computer.
Eventhough a report's print setup has default printer, legal, landscape
set, if the default printer of the user does not have to same driver, it
switches to the default size and orientation. To avoid this we use
We are now installing this database on Windows NT (actually citrix
winframe) and we are unable to use this dll to set print options
dynamically. We have to preview the report, change the settings and then
print it which is not feasible for some reports in our application.
Unfortunately it is a 16 bit dll and we cannot use it for Windows NT. I
have searched the net to find a 32 bit version but with no success. If
anyone of you know of a source pls. help!!
Or if anyone knows of any other way to set printer options in code..pls.


Tue, 03 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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