use paper-type-names instead of paper-tray-names for printing 
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 use paper-type-names instead of paper-tray-names for printing


I am trying to figure out in WordXP the best way to assign
paper trays.

The problem is, while opening a template on a different
workstation, with a different printer(-driver) installed,
the paper-tray settings (in page-setup) are changed
automatically. For example, "tray 1" is changed
to "envelope feeder".

In the printer-driver settings, the type of paper can be
assigned to a particular paper tray. for
example: "letterhead" is assigned to tray 1, "preprinted"
is assigned to tray 2 and "plain" is assigned to tray 3.
On the HP LaserJet 5si/5si MX PS, these settings can be
fount in "Tray Administration", "Paper Tray Assignments".
Here you can specifie per Tray, the paper-size and paper
type (letterhead, plain etc).

I would like to use these paper-type-names in Word,
instead of the paper-tray-names. This should eliminate the
problem as described above with different printer drivers,
of cource, assuming that all used printer-drivers use the
same paper-type-names.  

I already have read the article "Controlling the Printer
from Word VBA", by Jonathan West. I also use the
procedures described in this article in my templates. But
I cannot find where I can call paper-tray-names from the
DeviceCapabilities, using Lib "winspool.drv". (I also read
the threads from "Default Tray for printers")

Thanx in advance!

Susan Zijlstra

Tue, 16 Aug 2005 16:21:18 GMT  
 use paper-type-names instead of paper-tray-names for printing

>I am trying to figure out in WordXP the best way to assign
>paper trays.

the best way I've found is to create separate printers, each with its
own special settings, and just change the active printer.

So Lex1 for Paper Tray 1, Lex2 for PaperTray 2 and so on for all
required special settings.

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Sun, 18 Sep 2005 09:38:18 GMT  
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