Linking computers by modem and updating tables fast 
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 Linking computers by modem and updating tables fast


Which version of Access are you using? If it is 7 or 97 then have a look at
replication. This may save a lot of problems.

Hope this helps


> I have a need to update a database in three computers every 15 minutes
> a modem connection. The updating of the tables is a two way affair and so
> have date and time stamped each record in each table to be updated so
> when a record is edited the date/time stamp will change. This will limit
> amount of info to be updated. The three computers are based in three
> and will be connected every 15 minutes so thats where I need help to
> the data fast and correctly.

> I have a few ideas but there may be a neat and effishent way of doing
> that I haven't thought of. More to the point haven't even heard of.

> Any ideas would be greatly received.

> Thanks
> Steve, Down Under

Mon, 24 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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