Getting error 3709 when trying to update a record 
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 Getting error 3709 when trying to update a record

I have a table with some 80000 records in it. I synchronize this table with
another similar one on a remote SQL server.
The program gets the primary key value from the remote table record, does a
seek using that value in the Access table if a record is not found it
creates a new record, if it is found it does an update on the found record,
using the new values obtained from the SQL server database.
This works fine for 79999 records out of 80000 but on one record, always the
same I start by finding a record, execute an edit command because it already
exists, then change the data and finally issue an update command. On the
update command I get an error 3709 - key was not found in any record.

Can't find what this error code realy means. Looks like it's a DAO error.

I look at the record thta needs updating in the table. It's fine, all the
records required for the relationships exist with proper values. The record
does not appear to be corrupted in the table. The code works flawlessly
otherwise. Any one know what this might be and how to fix problem?

Robert Dufour, MCP, MCT
President SGI IMS Inc.

Sat, 12 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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