Project_Open and command Line arguments in MSP2k 
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 Project_Open and command Line arguments in MSP2k

If the user executes "winproj.exe filename.notmpp" I would like my macro in
global.mpt to catch that at the fileopen, see that the file is not an .mpp
and process it differently.

1) there a way to access the command line used to launch Project?

2) is there a way to get control before Project decides that .notmpp is not
a valid project file extension?

3) A more general question is that I am confused between VBA Office and
whatever VB is in MSP. E.g., Is it Auto_open or Project_Open or ??? Is it
mailsend or sendmail?
Where is the best place to find these documented?


Sun, 10 Aug 2003 08:50:19 GMT  
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