property-problem with subforms 
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 property-problem with subforms


i want to change the properties of a subform (AllowEdits, AllowDeletions,
AllowAdditions und DataEntry) by a VB-Code. If the first recordset is
active, everything works great. but if it isn't, there comes an

(run-time-error 2455, "Sie haben einen Ausdruck eingegeben, der einen
unzul?ssigen Verweis auf die Eigenschaft Form/Report enth?lt".)
--> this means, that this property isn't available for this form.

frmPerson is the mainform, here, everything works fine. with subform
frmsubKommunikation the thing only works, if the first recordset is active.
Changing the active recordset to the first by code doesn't help either...

who can help me??

Lukas Rueegg

this is the code-fragment:

    With Forms!frmperson
        .AllowDeletions = L?schen
        .AllowAdditions = Hinzufgen
        .AllowEdits = ?ndern
        .DataEntry = Hinzufgen
        .lblStatus.Caption = Status
    End With

    With Forms![frmperson]![frmsubKommunikation].Form    ******---> here
comes the error
        .AllowDeletions = L?schen
        .AllowAdditions = ?ndern
        .AllowEdits = ?ndern
        .DataEntry = Hinzufgen
    End With

Tue, 25 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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