AutoFilter in Excel XP is acting strange. 
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 AutoFilter in Excel XP is acting strange.

When I use AutoFilter in ExcelXP from menu bar [Data>Filter>AutoFilter], it
appears to be OK. It shows filter arrows from a list.  When I want to remove
the filter arrows, I just click AutoFilter from the menu bar again.

But when I customize a toolbar, and put AutoFilter button on the toolbar.
That button does not work the same way as the AutoFilter from menubar.  I
cannot remove the filter arrows from the button that I just add.

It's OK. I can remove autofilter arrows by using AutoFilter from the menu

But, later I accidentally remove AutoFilter function from the menubar.  So
right now I cannot remove autofilter arrows at all.

Anybody knows how to solve this problems.

Mon, 18 Oct 2004 18:05:12 GMT  
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