Change Mousepointer doesn't work 
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 Change Mousepointer doesn't work


I have a Userform with an Image-Control (Image1).
I change the Mousepointer for example by Mouse_Move-Event of the
Image-Control in dependence of the X-Koordinate (Property Mouspointer).

Private Sub Image1_MouseMove(ByVal Button As Integer, ByVal Shift As
Integer, ByVal X As Single, ByVal Y As Single)

    Select Case Fix(X / 40)
        Case 0: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerAppStarting
        Case 1: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerArrow
        Case 2: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerCross
        Case 3: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerHelp
        Case 4: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerHourGlass
        Case 5: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerIBeam
        Case 6: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerNoDrop
        Case 7: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerSizeAll
        Case 8: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerSizeNESW
        Case 9: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerSizeNS
        Case 10: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerSizeNWSE
        Case 11: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerSizeWE
        Case Else: Me.Image1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerUpArrow
    End Select

End Sub

I worked with Word/Excel 2000/XP (MS Forms 2.0).
With Windows ME and Windows 98 all works perfectly.

With NT4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP it works only until the first
mouse-click on the Image-Control.
Afterwords it always appears the default-mousepointer.
By testing the property Image1.Mousepointer with VBA I can see, that the
mousepointer is set correctly.
Sometimes I can see the correct mousepointer for a millisecond or so, but
then it is immediatly overlayed by the default-mousepointer.

Can someone tell me, what's the problem and what I could do to solve it ?

Thanks, Jrgen

Sat, 06 Aug 2005 17:08:42 GMT  
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