Repost: How do I create a file shortcut in an *existing* JournalItem 
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 Repost: How do I create a file shortcut in an *existing* JournalItem

I originally posted the following last Friday afternoon.  I don't know if
there has been no response because of posting late on Friday, being unclear
with my question or whether no one is sure of the answer.


Original message:

I am trying to create a VBA macro for adding a shortcut to a file to an
existing JournalItem.  I thought that the following macro code would do the

Sub MyAddLink()
    Dim fileToAttach As Variant
    Dim myItem As JournalItem

    Set myItem = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
    fileToAttach = Excel.Application.GetOpenFilename()
    If fileToAttach <> False Then
        Call myItem.Attachments.Add(fileToAttach, olByReference, 1,
"Shortcut to it")
    End If

End Sub

However, everytime I run the macro I get the following error at the
Attachments.Add step:

Run-time error '-2081292279 (83f20009)':
File link attachments are not supported my Microsoft Outlook Internet

I am running OL2000 (IMO), on Windows Pro 2000.  I know I can drag a file
from Windows Explorer into an OL Journal folder and create this type of
shortcut, but I can't seem to do it programatically.  Anyone have an idea
what I am doing wrong?



Sun, 18 Jan 2004 01:35:16 GMT  
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