Problems with number format 
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 Problems with number format

As you might know, I am doing some Frontpage VBA development, and the
requirements/challenges are in an "ever evolving" state at the moment.


I am taking some numbers from an Excel-spreadsheet and merging them into
a table in Frontpage. The format of the numbers in Excel is dependant of
the local-settings of the individual client-installation of Excel. This
is fairly understandable - but the problem arises when I do the merge in
Frontpage. The number format in the HTML-pages _must_ be American - e.g.
the number "two thousand one houndred eleven point 45" must be displayed


whereas - with European locale settings - it will be


in the source-data.

But how do I convert them ? - or more specifically, how do I ensure that
the number format of the numbers being inserted into HTML are _always_

I made a small function to convert the dots and commas [1], but this will  
actually also convert correct EN-US numbers to European format - which
was not intended.

I have looked a bit at the Format()-function, but it doesn't seem to fit
my requirements. I think I need some function, that will give me the
numbers in the format given as a input parameter to the function.

Does this function exist ?

Private Function convertToUSFormat(ByVal strCellData As String) As String
    Dim strTmp As String
    strTmp = ""
    strTmp = Replace(strCellData, ",", "[comma]")
    strTmp = Replace(strTmp, ".", ",")
    strTmp = Replace(strTmp, "[comma]", ".")
    convertToUSFormat = strTmp
End Function

Jesper Stocholm
http://www.*-*-*.com/ (online again)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Wed, 23 Mar 2005 23:10:09 GMT  
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