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 Strange Error Message

Help! I'm a VB newbie, have just bought a new computer, and put VB 6.0 on
it for a class I'm taking (we're switching to VB.NET next quarter). Anyway,
here's the problem I'm having. Nearly everytime I shut down MS Outlook (not
VB), an error message, generated by VB appears that states:

"The macros in this project are disabled. Please refer to the online help or
documentation of the host application to determine how to enable macros."

Uh? What? The strange thing is that this message occurs even though I
haven't opened or used VB when this happens! Nor have I used, or tried to
use, any macros! I posted a request for help on the VB board and was told
(see below),
this is not a VB problem but an Outlook one. (Seems odd to me though as I've
never had
this problem with Outlook before. Just the same, I can't get rid of the
problem and tried the
suggestion provided below (I can't find a location in Outlook to enable

Any ideas?





> > That's because it's got nothing to do with VB.  There is VBA code within
> > Outlook that is attempting to execute, but this capability is turned

> > Mike

> Then why does the alert window say "Microsoft Visual Basic" at the top?

> Even more importantly, HOW do I solve the problem?


VBA is Visual Basic for Applications.  It is NOT the same as Visual Basic.
Many applications, and most all MS Office apps, have VBA.  VB and VBA both
have an IDE called Visual Basic, and in fact, VBA is a subset of VB (it's
not as fully functional as VB and is designed only to be used withiin
applications, meaning you can't create applications of your own using VBA
like you can with VB).  The alert window you're seeing is from VBA in

To see the VBA IDE in an Office app, open up Word, Excel, or Outlook, and
press Alt+F11.  This will open the VBA IDE and you'll see the title bar does
indeed say "Microsoft Visual Basic", but this is Visual Basic for
Applications, not Visual Basic.

What I'm guessing you need to do is enable macros in Outlook (if indeed you
want the VBA code to run).  From the Tools menu, select Options.  Probably
on the General tab, there should be a checkbox for macro virus protection.
If you need more help, I'd recommend you go to an Outlook newsgroup.  The
problem is not with Visual Basic, it's with Outlook.


Fri, 13 May 2005 16:23:08 GMT  
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