Is there any way to halt sending while processing messages 
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 Is there any way to halt sending while processing messages

I'm processing all of the messages in my inbox.
I'm making a count of the messages and
processing the messages with the highest index first.
I'm doing this to avoid prematurely ending my loop, since I'm moving messages
as I'm processing them. The problem I'm running
into is that I have to send replies and I'm also receiving
messages while I'm processing the current messages.

So the two solutions I've come up with are:
1) Suspend sending and receiving long enough to process the messages.
2) Move all messages to a temporary folder and process them there.

I thought I had come up with the solution with (1) by using the
the logoff and logon methods and then using delivernow from cdo
to send all messages, I'm in corporate mode. Unfortunately when
I send my replies instead of waiting in the outbox they send
automatically even though I'm supposed to be logged off.
I'm also still receiving messages while in the same state.
Is there any way to place messages in the outbox w/o sending?
Is there any way to temporarily suspend email traffic until I'm
ready to send and receive?

If I decide to use solution (2) is there any way to move all
items in a folder at one time instead of going through
a loop?

Here are the offending bits of my code.
Public ns As NameSpace
Public ib As MAPIFolder
Public msg As Object
Public InboxCount As Integer
Public replyItem as MailItem

Set ns = ThisOutlookSession.Session
Set ib = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)
'Log off temporarily for processing
InboxCount = ib.Items.Count

' Run through each item in the Inbox
For msgInboxCounter = 1 To InboxCount
    Set msg = ib.Items.Item(InboxCount - (msgInboxCounter - 1))
    If msg.Class = 43 Then 'mail=43
        '(Misc Code)
                        Set replyItem = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
                                With replyItem
                                    .Subject =  "SubjectOfReply"
                                    .Body = "BodyOfReply"
                                    .Recipients.Add "ReplyAddress"
                                End With
                        Set replyItem = Nothing
    End If
Set ib = Nothing
Set msg = Nothing
'Log back on
' Send messages by using delivernow in cdo

Fri, 28 Feb 2003 22:39:38 GMT  
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