calculating sums in a table formated view ! 
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 calculating sums in a table formated view !

Hello Dear All,

Does someone know (or have had experience about that)
if it is possible to define VBA macros to allow simple mathematics
(in columns or rows) when considering an Outlook view, which is
displayed as a table

(I usually copy-paste the whole view (which is a true table) into MS
Excel, and do my calculation there...

What I wish to have,  is a VBA sample (if available) or directions to
search, to add let's say "column sum" feature, on (for example) a
given selection range (in a column), or, (another example) between two
given dates!

The ultimate purpose is to produce automated reporting sheets, without
having to export all to Excel and do it "manually" each time !

Please help

Kindest regards,


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Sat, 22 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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