Determining Document Source 
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 Determining Document Source

I need to determine a document's source with vba. I've tried the
Creator property but that doesn't work (probably because it was
designed for Macs.) It gives the same value regardless of whether I
open (or use .Display as below) a WordPerfect or Word document. Any
ideas on how to determine a document's originating program? Here is
some relevant code.

    'Use InsertFile to get around ODMA
    Set ArchiveFO = Dialogs(wdDialogInsertFile)
    With ArchiveFO
        .Name = "*.*"
        'Use Display - if doc is Word 97, don't use InsertFile
        x = .Display
        DocName$ = .Name
        DocCreatr$ = .Creator
    End With

Word's Confirm Conversion At Open feature knows a document's format so
there should be a way. Of course the code could just be looking at the
first couple of bytes of the file. Thanks for your help.


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