Running Outlook from an Access form on Web 
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 Running Outlook from an Access form on Web

Subject: Well, I think that's what I want. For Details see below.


I work for a German ministry which funds research in environmental science.
Scientists submit research proposals to us and, via a reviewing procedure,
we decide their fundability or not.

We ask each proposer to name 6-8 competent reviewers, from which we select
3-4. Their identity is unknown to the proposer. Up to the present the
proposer names us his candidates on a Word Form sent to him as an e-mail
attachment. The form contains eight table cells (one per reviewer)
containing Form fields for address data and, one per cell, a checkbox for me
to make my selections.

Once completed by the proposer and returned to me, VBA code sends a review
request (as an email) to the persons I select by clicking in the
corresponding checkboxes. The proposal itself is sent by post.

A colleague recently mentioned that an improvement might be not to send out
the form, but rather to have the proposer fill out the form onscreen (from a
web site?) and then have the same (as far as possible) VBA code run on it
from there.

I'm very new to this business and don't really have a clue where to start or
even if the suggestion is reasonable. Can anyone point me in the right

What hardware requirements are there?

How will I know when the form has been filled and hence ready for use?

Are just twoof the mysteries which are troubling me a the moment

Many thanks.

Gordon Filby

Sun, 12 Dec 2004 15:44:56 GMT  
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