Picture Formatting Macro Won't Include Size Info! 
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 Picture Formatting Macro Won't Include Size Info!

I have moved from Word 97 to XP, and am encountering
problems in redoing a macro that formats a selected
image.  I found I had to change the defailt to have it be
a floting image ("Text Wrap: Through") in order to run the
macro at all.  That's fine.

But I cannot record a macro that saves the positioning of
the image.  (I select the image, then click a toolbar
macro that opens and fills out a Format Picture dialog.) I
MACRO!!!!  Here are the lines I need:

    Selection.ShapeRange.Height = 660.95
    Selection.ShapeRange.Width = 506.9

What a hassle if I have to keep inserting these separately
for different documents!

Why won't the recorded macro include these lines?  The
size information is in the Format Picture dialog myself if
I look myself, afterwards.

Tue, 03 Jan 2006 03:13:47 GMT  
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