Odd behavior with Dates -A2K 
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 Odd behavior with Dates -A2K

i use queries to get data preped for a report.  i also use the datetime
picker to save the date range of a report to a table.  I then want the date
range to appear on the report.  I do this in the query by creating a
fields -

1:  DLookUp("[rptstart]","rptdates")
2:  DLookUp("[rptend]","rptdates")

On the report, i use the field label 1 and 2 to refer the dates used.  On my
computer, W2K, i see that dates.  On another W2K machine...nothing.  I have
to use the dlookup on the report.

Any ideas??

Sat, 24 Apr 2004 05:16:53 GMT  
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