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 Outlook Contacts - Distribution Lists


I want to process incoming mail depending on the category the sender
(as a contact) belongs to.  None of the rules in Outlook allow you to
do this however they do allow you to process rules based on the
distribution list a sender belongs to.  The solution I have is to
programatically create a Distribution List based on the categories to
which a contact belongs.  (My contact list is pretty static.)

My code scans each contact and adds them to a Dist List for each
category they blong to.  Or creates a new Dist List if one is

But it only seems to work in the design time environment.  If I break
before the code is complete, go and visually inspect the Dist Lists
they contain all of the correct contacts as I would expect.  However,
when I then let the code run its natural course the Dist List's remain
but are empty of contacts!  I have tried dl.save dl.saveas and dl.copy
and most other obvious tactics but still the contacts disappear once
the code has run it course.

Any help you could give would be much appreciated.



PS. Please email and post response.


Mon, 06 Sep 2004 22:55:18 GMT  
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