Two Digit Years in NT4 and Acc97 
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 Two Digit Years in NT4 and Acc97

I've got a customer that's run into a problem that seems to be related to
how the system interprets two digit years.

On other systems there's an option in the Regional Settings control panel
that set which 100 year period a two digit date will fall in. Its by default
1930->2029 so 01/01/01 is 2001 but 01/01/37 is 1937.  Now I've changed this
on my machine (WinME) but there doesn't seem to be a similar option for
NT4(sp6 I think)

How does NT4 interpret a two digit year and where can it be altered?

if the answer is badly and nowhere then how can I improve the code to use 4
digit years (which btw was Microsoft's answer: type the years as 4 digit,
which doesn't help because this is in code (in the datediff function)

the date is stored as long (4 digit) in the table but apart from that there
is only one piece of formatting done (which I can't test till tomorrow)

any suggestions?
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Tue, 22 Jul 2003 01:32:03 GMT  
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