Filter in Subforms via Module-Function 
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 Filter in Subforms via Module-Function

I copied the Phone-filter from the northwind-MDB in my mdb. But I want
to apply the filter in a subform

With CodeContextObject
        If (.SecondNameFilters = 1) Then
            ' Filter for company names that start with A, , , ?, ?,
or ?.
            DoCmd.ApplyFilter "",
"Forms![AddressList]![AddressListSubform].Form![Name] Like
        End If
        If (.SecondNameFilters = 2) Then
            ' B
            DoCmd.ApplyFilter "", "[Name] Like ""B*"""

the first example shows the NOT WORKING subform-syntax,
the 2nd shows the working syntax if the field [name] was in the same
form as the filter-button. I transformed it into a subform but i still
want to be able to filter it. Unfortunately it doesn't work.
can someone tell me the correct way to write the subform into that



Mon, 26 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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