Bypass Field Name Restriction for MailItem.UserProperties 
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 Bypass Field Name Restriction for MailItem.UserProperties


while working with a MailItem before Sending it I cant solve the following
I want to Add a UserProperty to the Outgoing Mail, like shown below. This is
no Problem unless I Use a
Field Name which includes a _,[ or ]. The same Problem appears in
VBSrcipt -> Designig  a Form -> New User-defined Field -> NEW.

Q. Is there a way to add a Field to the Mail using any Name?

 Set objMailItem = objMailItem.UserProperties.Add("WHAT_EVER_NAME", olText)

Thanks for help.

P.S. I appreaciate any Solution hint, no matter how difficult.

Fri, 02 Jan 2004 22:04:57 GMT  
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