Help with linked Word Docs 
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 Help with linked Word Docs

I'm not sure whether this is the right NG or not, but perhaps someone here
can help...

I have a database with lots of linked Word documents as OLE objects.  There
are of many different lengths and formats.  I would like to be able to print
reports including these documents in their entirety depending on search
criteria created in Access.

I understand that the Access reports are not flexible enough to do this, and
that I will probably have to figure out how to print the reports in Word.
What I need to find out is if it is possible to get the document path (what
I need to tell Word to open each document) from the OLE field in my
database.  Is there something in VBA that can do this for me?  I would
prefer not to duplicate that information by creating an entirely new field
with the path in it.

Any suggestions would be tremendously appreciated.

Betsy Gephart

Sun, 04 Jan 2004 04:04:41 GMT  
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