SHIFT ENTER doesn't work 
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 SHIFT ENTER doesn't work

Please ... Are You absolutely sure that after shift+enter there is not
created a manual line break:
1) see it with Tools > Options... > View > Paragraph marks enabled
2) find it with Find Special > Manual Line Break?

It may well be that some option is changed so that it looks different from
that was previously but manual line break IS there.

"DZ" wrote

> Greetings

> SHIFT ENTER no longer creates a line break in Word. It
> used to, now this key combination does nothing. How can re-
> enable SHIFT ENTER.

> I tried the following, with no success:

> CustomizationContext = ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate
> Application.KeyBindings.ClearAll

> DZ

Sat, 17 Apr 2004 23:40:59 GMT  
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