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 Browse for a file

I want to take a certian type of files (e.g. V??????.01) and find all
these type file in a certain directory(e.g. C:\Test) and then I want
to copy every file of the format i mentioned above and paste them into
a dialogue box for loading files in another program. I will also need
to paste the C:\test in front of all the file names( e.g. C:\Test
A207001.00 A208001.00)

Please help if you understand what I am saying.

If you need more clearification feel free to email me at

Thank You

Fri, 02 Apr 2004 22:38:24 GMT  
 Browse for a file
In 2000 There's a property off the Application object 'FileSearch' which
you can manipulate to do this for you. You set the FileType ".jpg,.gif,tif"
for example
You can also set the 'SearchSubfolders' property. Then when you Execute, it
a Files collection that you can walk through to get the files. It's a
collection of File objects
which will give you the Name, Path, Type, Size, Dates, etc.

Sat, 03 Apr 2004 02:13:53 GMT  
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