Object reference to Powerpoint presentation 
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 Object reference to Powerpoint presentation

I have an Office Addin app which uses a designer adin for Powerpoint. I have

Public WithEvents gobjApp          As PowerPoint.Application
Public WithEvents gobjDoc          As PowerPoint.Presentation

and am using the open event.

Private Sub gobjApp_PresentationOpen(ByVal Pres As PowerPoint.Presentation)
Dim prop As DocumentProperty

  Set gobjDoc = Pres

  'Set Custom Document Properties
  For Each prop In Doc.CustomDocumentProperties
    If prop.Name = "Caller" Then
      MsgBox prop.Name & "= <" & prop.Value & ">"
    End If
End Sub

However I am getting an error on the setting or indeed reference to the
'Pres' above ...the error reads...
"Error# 430 - Class does not support Automation or does not support expected
This happens even if I simply say "MsgBox Pres.Name". How am I to reference
the powerpoint presentation object ???

I use the same code in the other designers for Word, Excel etc and there is
no problem.

Has Powerpoint's object model (along with Publisher Visio and Project) been
implemented diferently to the other Office apps?...

Can anyone shed light on this or am I correct in assuming that it just wont


Mon, 14 Feb 2005 17:49:58 GMT  
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