delete items in DeletedItems Folder of self added .pst file 
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 delete items in DeletedItems Folder of self added .pst file


we have app. 100 users with .pst files reaching the 2GB size limit. So
i deceided to make a small programm which generates out of the big
file smaller ones. It shifts the message year dependend into new pst
files and
rebuilds the folder structure for better use.
While the programs runs recursivly through the pst file it generates
all folders, then shifts the mails, according to the year, in the
right pst file. I create the folders first, then look if something is
inside, if not i delete it again.
After deletion this folder is moved to the deleted items section of
the new pst file.
How can i get rid of these empty and deleted folders via vb?


Fri, 13 May 2005 23:28:32 GMT  
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