Err 3759 Scaling of decimal value resulted in data truncation 
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 Err 3759 Scaling of decimal value resulted in data truncation

Dear newsgroup,

I've just converted my access db from 97 to 2002. I now
obtain the following error msg from my vb code:

Error 3759: Scaling of decimal value resulted in data

It is prompted by the last line of the following function
I am using to obtain a rounded number:

Public Function fctRound(Optional varNr, Optional varPl As
Integer = 2) As Double
 ' Source:
    If IsMissing(varNr) Or Not IsNumeric(varNr) Then Exit
    fctRound = Fix("" & varNr * (10 ^ varPl) + Sgn(varNr)
* 0.5) / (10 ^ varPl)
End Function

Can anybody explain to me why this error msg appears
(unfortunately I cannot access the corresponding section
of the online help)?

Many thanks,

Fri, 11 Nov 2005 00:34:49 GMT  
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