Mailmerge - different behavior on Win95 & NT 
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 Mailmerge - different behavior on Win95 & NT


i'm using the code below to run a word97 mailmerge from access97. it
works fine on a Win95 machine but on the NT machine Word launches, and
asks for a data source file, and then prompts me to select the table or

any ideas?



    strPath2 = CurrentDBDir & "InitialAck.doc"
    Set WordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application") 'I use WordApp to do
something later on
    Set WordDoc = WordApp.Documents.Open(strPath2)
    WordDoc.Application.Visible = True
    WordDoc.MailMerge.opendatasource Name:=dbThisDb.Name, _
    linktosource:=True, Connection:="QUERY QryAutAckLtrAE1"
    With WordDoc.MailMerge
        .Destination = wdSendToNewDocument

    End With

Wed, 26 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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