Access 2.0 Developer Needed - Southern Tier New York 
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 Access 2.0 Developer Needed - Southern Tier New York

Wanted: Experienced, reliable Access 2.0 developer to take over
responsibility for a business database. Current developer is available (for
a limited time) to accomplish turnover.

This application currently has dozens of tables designed in accordance with
data normalization standards (for the most part). It also includes in excess
of 50 forms, many of which are implemented as subforms, and virtually all of
which make extensive use of CBF. Standard error handling routines have been
implemented which produce e-mail messages to the developer.

The application is a core business function for the client in that it
supports the entire sales cycle from quoting to billing. Enhancements needed
in the short term include: upgrading to the latest version of Access to
support data replication to laptop users; incorporation of
contact-management and marketing functions (mass mailings campaigns, etc.);
and, possibly, publishing to the Web.

Note: This client does not demand that work be done on-site; but they will
insist on sufficient geographical proximity to allow periodic face-to-face

Please contact me directly be e-mail if you would like to know more about
this opportunity.  Please use "Access Dev Reply" as your subect line.

Steven V. Gates

Mon, 22 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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