Library module updates under W2K 
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 Library module updates under W2K


I have an App.mde referencing a Lib.mde under Win 2000.
Running under an Access 2000 Runtime references towards a library are lost
when the library is moved.
The solution for this bug, running SR 1, can't be applied to Runtimes (?).
Therefore i made a workaround:

- check the Fullpath property. If not valid anymore then:

- remove the reference from application.references
- add a new reference with the addfromfile method.

First it seemed to work, but a new problem has arisen:

When replacing the library module with an update only, i get the message
....expression/function not known ... is not a VBA project ...
It seems that the application can only reference the library with which it
is compiled. You can't change the App or Lib only?

How can i change App OR Mde versions without having to install both. Suppose
App1, App2, App* are referencing all Lib.
If i install a new version of App1, do i have to recompile and reinstall
App2, App* and Lib also?


Tue, 14 Sep 2004 19:02:04 GMT  
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