Linking Recipients to Contact Item??? 
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 Linking Recipients to Contact Item???

Is there a way to link the Recipient in a New Mail message to the correct
Contact Item?  I'm trying to add append a note to the appropriate contact
item, when email gets send to the contact.

Here's the Problem...

1) You can have a Personal contact folder named CONTACTS, with an entry from

2) You can have a Public contact folder named CONTACTS, with an entry for

3) You can add an internet address during the time of creating a new message

Using the TO button, you can get to the Personal (#1) and Public (#2)
contact folders to pull in the names.  You can add (#3) by hand.

When you double-click on the Recipient Addresses, they open the proper
contact item for (#1 & #2) and an SMTP dialog box for (#3).  Now, how can I
do this programmaticaly???


Fri, 08 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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