Discovery re truncated userform labels 
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 Discovery re truncated userform labels

Since the beginning of time -- ok ok, since about mid-2000 when I got
into userforms -- I've been battling the truncated-labels demons.  
Whenever I'd build a userform with labels (or certain other controls)
whose captions or contents fit very tightly, I'd be assured of having
several such labels display with their rightmost word missing when the
form was run on some other people's PCs.  It was both maddening and
embarrassing, and I resigned myself to extra loops during development
in which I'd send the cursed form to a friend to run, examine his/her
screenshot, fudge the repairs (entirely by guesswork, because they
still displayed fine on my system), and lather-rinse-repeat.

Today I believe I've found the secret.  My Windows display properties
are set to Large Fonts.  When I set them to Small Fonts -- which is
{*filter*} on my eyes (and no, I'm not that old) -- my userforms produce
the same problematic displays seen on these other folks' machines.

Moral:  Apparently the Windows 'Large Fonts' setting messes with
userform font dimensions in a way that un-WYSIWYGs the design, so
one must (sigh) apparently do the physical aspects of that design
with Small Fonts enabled to avoid this.

(I've been over this for years fielding suggestions to tweak screen
resolutions and various Display Properties items, etc.; but I run
other programs whose requirements and design don't adapt to such
changes and which for me are hell to use with the global setting at
Small Fonts, so this is not a plea for more of the same.  I just
wanted to pass on this tip, as sobering as it is for me.)

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Fri, 26 Mar 2004 16:36:06 GMT  
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