Help! ODE Set up wizard & help file lock up! 
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 Help! ODE Set up wizard & help file lock up!

Ran the ODE wizard, and got my run-time distribution files..

Installed my application on another PC, (new Pentium III). No office
97/access installed
on this system.

Applications runs files appear, contents, index  etc....

HOWEVER, everytime I try to exit out of the help file (click on "x")
back to the application
the system locks up! I need to reboot the system. Tried numerous
times...same result....all other aspects of application runs well as
long as I dont call the help files.

Help file was complied without any warnings/errors. Appears I need to
specify a path somewhere either in access and/or set up wizard. I have
"help files" and "contex" set in each of my forms properties...

I'm guessing that upon closing the help files the system can't find the
main application.....

Help please!


Hal Chapman

Sun, 04 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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