cancel save of custom form 
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 cancel save of custom form

Using Outlook 2000 SR1!

I created a custom form that uses some VBScript code.  I used the ReadOnly
feature so users can not edit the body of the posted message.  There is no
way around it because I need users to still be able to copy the contents -
Enabled feature is out!  When a user closes the form, without editing
anything, they are prompted to save the posted message.  If they choose yes
then the form becomes one-offed and a macro warning comes up everytime they
open the form.  How can I make the form close automatically without saving
(using vbscript) - cancel the outlook prompt to save the changes?  I tried
several different techniques in the close event and nothing seems to work.

One-Offed Technet Article

Please Advise

Sat, 10 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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