VB 5.0/Access developers needed 
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 VB 5.0/Access developers needed

Hi - we're a RAPIDLY growing software dev company and we need someone(s)

who has experience in VB 5.0 and preferably Access. I'm a totally self
taught developer and I'm looking for other developers who learn FAST and

are extremely flexible (loads of chances to cross train and use may
different technologies). Will mostly involve working from home but I
would like to meet up face to face every couple of weeks so you'd need
to be able to get to Reading, Berkshire, UK. We already have systems in
place at client sites and we need more developers to work on new
projects and upgrade existing ones.
If you're interested get in touch ASAP (I'll be away from the beginning
of May).

Dave Sunerton
Multizone International

Thu, 28 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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