Excel / excel macros created within Visual Basic 
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 Excel / excel macros created within Visual Basic

I am trying to create an excel workbook with Macro's
programmatically from within a VB dll.  I can get the
program to work correctly, creating the .xls file with the
macro included when I run VB within the Debug
environment.  When I run outside of the VB environment, I
get the following error on the

"Set prrf_Module = prrf_Workbook.VBProject.VBComponents.Add
(1)" statement.

A component error has occurred, please contact your system
Error Number: 32796
Error Source: wmPRRF.dll:cBuildReport:BuildXLSReport
Error Description: Application-defined or object-defined
Note:  I have project references set for:

        Microsoft Excel  9.0 Object Library
        Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications
Extensibility 5.3

Here are the relevant pieces of my code.

    Dim prrf_Excel As Object
    Set prrf_Excel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

    Dim prrf_Workbook As Object
    Dim prrf_worksheets As Object
    Dim prrf_Module As Object

    prrf_Excel.SheetsInNewWorkbook = 2
    Set prrf_Workbook = prrf_Excel.Workbooks.Add
    Set prrf_worksheets = prrf_Workbook.Worksheets(1)
        '*** worksheet formatting code ***
    Set prrf_worksheets = prrf_Workbook.Worksheets(2)
        '*** worksheet formatting code ***

'*** line of code causing error ***
    Set prrf_Module =
'*** line of code causing error ***

     strMacro = _
        "Private Sub prrf_Workbook_setPage()" & vbCr & _
            "***Macro code ****"

    prrf_Module.CodeModule.AddFromString strMacro
    prrf_Excel.Run "prrf_Workbook_setPage"
    prrf_Workbook.Close SaveChanges:=True,
FileName:=gstrRptPath, RouteWorkbook:=False

This code is pretty much cloned from the Microsoft
Knowledge Base article 194611 which addresses how to
create and call an excel macro programmatically from VB.  
Like I said, this it all works correctly within the Visual
Basic debug environment.

Tue, 13 Sep 2005 08:56:12 GMT  
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