Specify the image shown on a dependent frame 
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 Specify the image shown on a dependent frame
I have a dependent image frame on a form but that came from a SubForm, I use
the subfroms to use the scrollbars supplied by the subforms instead of
coding, But how I specify the image that will be show at the frame, the
images come from a table, and the table contains the image as a path
example:  F:\SERVER\images\picture1

1) How can I show the image on the frame that came from the table, this is
the first part of my command:
Me![FormSub].Form![FormSubSub].Form![ImagenX] = what goes here?
Where: ImageX its the dependent image frame at the Form "FormSubSub"

2) How I specify the source of the image that came as a path from the table
I prefer to use as a path be cause there will be more than 100 MB of images
on that database and as a OLE can slow down the data search.

Any help will be really appreciated

Edwin Martinez

Tue, 26 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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