Adding 'Continued' to Column breaks 
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 Adding 'Continued' to Column breaks

Version: MS Word 9.0.2720

I am creating a long (~90 pages) two-column document  from a database. The
information presented is in the following format:
(These are paragraph styles)


The Title style is designated 'Keep With Next', but Description is not, thus
is it can break across columns and pages. However, my requirements are to
determine if the Description paragraph breaks across a column, and if so,
put the word 'Continued' at the top of the new column.

Here is what I have determined needs to be done:

Generate the document
From the beginning, look for Description that spans a column/page break.
Insert the text '(Continued)'
Repaginate (Inserting '(Continued)' could change pagination, thus affecting
the appropriate place for the next Continued.
Goto next Description style that spans a column/page break

If anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this task, I'd love to hear it
(or if I'm taking the wrong approach).


Mark W. LaPointe
Programmer / Analyst
Columbia, SC

Mon, 08 Sep 2003 23:19:22 GMT  
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