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 Email-Sendobject-Automation-Excel: Formatting Page Settings in code

I am using the following code to send reports by email.  It takes a reports
data and creates a (MicrosoftExcel(*.xls) attachment.

DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "rptGLTable", "MicrosoftExcel(*.xls)",
rsCriteria![User], "", "", "This is a test", "I am testing a new idea for
reports", False, ""

The code works fine as is.  An Excel ss is created and is emailed.

Problem is the page settings of the Excel ss that is generated.  The
finished ss comes out as portrait orientation and it should be landscape.
The print area is too narrow and puts data on another page.  Also the
margins need to be changed.

Any way I can manipulate the page settings in the code?

Should I try another method?

Do I have to use automation?
i.e. from within access use code to start Excel, open a template, export the
report data, then send the attachment.

Your ideas and code samples appreciated.



--begin code--
'Created by Roger Carlson


Sub SeparateEmails()'*** error trapping - execution goes to bottom on error
On Error GoTo Err_SeparateEmails

Dim db As DatabaseDim qdf As QueryDefDim strSQL As String
Dim rsGLTable As RecordsetDim rsCriteria As Recordset

Set db = CurrentDbSet rsCriteria = db.OpenRecordset("Users", dbOpenSnapshot)

'*** the first record in the Criteria table ***rsCriteria.MoveFirst

'*** loop to move through the records in Criteria tableDo Until
    '*** create the Select query based on
    '    the first record in the Criteria table
    strSQL = "SELECT * FROM GLTable WHERE "
    strSQL = strSQL & "[Acct] = '" & rsCriteria![Param] & "'"

    'MsgBox strSQL    '*** delete the previous query
    db.QueryDefs.Delete "NewQuery"
    Set qdf = db.CreateQueryDef("NewQuery", strSQL)

     DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "rptGLTable", "MicrosoftExcel(*.xls)",
rsCriteria![User], "", "", "This is a test", "I am testing a new idea for
reports", False, ""

    '*** goto the next record in Criteria table    rsCriteria.MoveNext



Exit_SeparateEmails:    Exit Sub

Err_SeparateEmails:  '*** if there  is an error, execution goes here
    '*** if the error is the table or query missing (3265)
    '    then skip the delete line and resume on the next line
    '    Error 2501 notifies you that the SendObject action
    '    has been cancelled.  See the OnNoData Event of the report.
    If Err.Number = 3265 Or Err.Number = 2501 Then        Resume Next
    '*** write out the error and exit the sub    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_SeparateEmails    End If

End Sub--end code--

Thu, 27 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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